Advanced Strikes 高級突擊手

觸發NPC:刀疤宗師 (The Scarred Master)


獎勵:閃擊藥劑 3、狂暴藥劑 3、冰霜精魄 7、雷電精精魄 7、狩獵通行證XP 100


刀疤宗師 (The Scarred Master) 希望您用拳套(Aether Strikers) 打擊展示強大而復雜的攻擊技巧。

Slayers will get access to the aether strikers fairly early in progression – right around the same time you get your first pair of repeaters. Once you’ve grabbed the Scarred Master’s quest, you’ll be able to talk to her for all of your striker crafting needs. And there will be quite a few! Just like with the sword and war pike, you’ll be able to craft a unique set of strikers for each Behemoth you slay.





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