Thrilling Heroics 英雄

觸發NPC:普里亞尼博士 (Dr. Priyani)

目標:完成5次英雄巡邏。Complete 5 Heroic Patrols.

獎勵:拉姆斯幣 200、白銀通用核心、狩獵通行證XP 100


跟 普里亞尼博士 (Dr. Priyani) 談談進行冒險英雄巡邏以收集晶石。

Dr. Priyani wants to learn more about the difference between orbs and arcstones. Slayers have been harvesting these unusually concentrated forms of aether from Behemoths since the Skyquake shook up the Shattered Isles and Ramsgate’s artisans have learned how to incorporate these special trophies into Slayer gear. Venture forth on Heroic Patrols to gather all the arcstones you can, and then return to the doctor so she can collect resonance data from your lantern.





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